National Labor Relations Act ("NLRA")

If you are currently in a union, work for an employer that utilizes a collective bargaining agreement, or are actively engaged in forming a union at your workplace, the National Labor Relations Act, or NLRA, provides rights and protections. For better or for worse, unions are an integral part of our nation's workforce. The NLRA allows employees to pursue matters in federal court when unionized labor is present. Your union may be an advocate for you, but your union also represents many other employees. Further, your union officials all work for your employer and neither they nor the union as a whole will want to disrupt the union/employer relationship. Business must continue despite your grievance.

If you want representation that caters just to you as an individual, contact Strelka Employment Law for a consultation. In the past we have initiated numerous actions not only against employers, but also against unions that failed to advocate for their members.