​Whistleblower Acts and Bowman Claims

There exist numerous federal and state statutes that protect whistleblowers and also allow a whistleblower to share in a portion of any collection gained due to the claim. The statutes that allow an individual to participate in such an action are varied. Many of these statutes regard fraudulent activity involving taxpayer dollars. For example, a whistleblower may possess a claim known as a Qui Tam action if they possess evidence that the defendant has accepted Medicare funds under false pretenses. Another type of whistleblower statute addresses being terminated at the workplace for making complaints about dangerous workplace conditions. A Bowman claim is a Virginia law action in which an employee suffers retaliation for refusing to participate in illegal activity.

Filing deadlines and administrative prerequisites for advancing a claim are as varied as the laws themselves. As with everything in this area of the law, the sooner Strelka Employment Law is made aware of your claim, the sooner we can help you.